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Controlling information

I’m putting some more time in to properly set up my blog. Things yet to do is create an own theme… and well, create more blogposts 🙂

One important thing is how to control information in the world of Twitter’s, Facebook’s and Google +’s of this world. As you know, these services rise and fall, and when they fall, your content does too. Then there’s obviously features that are redundantly provided by many of such services, like giving a status update. What’s also annoying is that you need to update each and every service (why are you using them otherwise?) and that becomes a chore quickly.

So what I’m about to do, is to centralize everything in my personal WordPress blog. It’s hosted by myself, so it’s my content and I can do anything I’d like to do with it. And to make life easier, I’m going to use the Twitter Tools plug-in to automatically tweet updates. In Facebook, I’ve integrated the Twitter app, so tweets should also show up as Facebook update. So yeah, it’s kind of experimental 😉

Let’s see how this works out…