Hi, I’m Eaglan Kurek. I’m currently working as an Enterprise Architect at Realdolmen, a Belgian IT services company, which is bearing the expense of my paycheck since 2006. In fact, it’s the first company I’ve been working for in my whole career.

People who know me closely, know that I like, no, crave for variation and challenges, so at first sight that kind of conflicts with staying at the first company you ever worked for. Indeed, almost all people who have started in the same year have long left the company.

For me it’s simple; as long as I feel I can grow, can contribute meaningfully to my clients and company and am rewarded fairly, I stay loyal. That said, I’m always open for more interesting opportunities, but until now I haven’t seen a better proposition yet.

What helps is that I’ve been doing project work from day one, so I can say I have (& had) many clients in a diverse set of industries – healthcare, retail & distribution, government & public, finance, banking & insurance, to name a few.

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